Mar 17, 2007

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Cleveland

Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan (1781 - 1830) was born in the Koshal region of India, in a village called Chhapaiya (near Ayodhya, UP) and named Hari, Krishna, Harikrishna and Nilkanth. At young age he was lovingly called Ghanshyam.

Its seen that the idol of Bhagwan Swaminarayan is placed in the center. The idols murtis of Radha-Krishna etc. are placed off center.

Q. Sometimes in extolling the guru doesn’t it seem that God is being belittled?
A. My take: There is nothing wrong with extolling a guru but leveling any human being to God is spinning it too far. Are these folks out there who find this a little bit odd? Are we going to equate Dalai Lama to Lord Buddha now and establish a mandir a few hundred years down the road?

Of course, people are free to believe in whatever they fancy. What do I know? I ain't a religious person by many standards.

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