Aug 16, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi Grandson-India is Republic of Cash

Golpalkrishna Gandhi grandson of Mahatma Gandhi on India. Happy In Dependence Day to all the Asian Indians in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. 

Gopalkrishna Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
 Is it All Finished for India?

Its that time of the year.  Again.  Indian Independence Day, August 15.  We must fondly look back at the country that we gladly left.  India, 66 years after Independence has morphed from a golden bird into a duck carcass.  Now, here comes the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi to spoil our Bollywood gaiety (pun intended) filled India Day parades in American cities and Jana Gana Mana group hugs with a spicy speech served on a dish of reality.

Indoctrination of Asian Indian children in the US

Indoctrination of children in India into adulterated Gandhism,
 these children donot have to pretend to be something they
are not, even symbolically!
What is the outcome of celebrating Indian Independence day in the US?  Little or nothing.  Its futile nostalgia.  What is the point in indoctrinating children, (who are American citizens by birth in most cases), into this tradition by leading them to sing silly propagandist songs (Jana Gana Mana and Vande Mataram)  and dances, whether they want to or not, whether they like it or not, whether we understand or not?    How long should American children of Asian Indian origin worship statues of Mahatma Gandhi whether they like it or not?  The man was shot dead and his accomplishments have to looked at within the context of his time.  Even the Government of India does not care too much about Mahatma Gandhi.  Of course, Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence is unimpeachable.  Fact: How many among the more than 1 billion Indians follow and/or understand Gandhi's philosophy?  Less than 1%.      

How long are we supposed look back into the rear view mirror at our past accomplishments and culture?  Is the aim of Indian Independence day to kinda forget, on and for this day, that India is going down the toilet?  Heck, its a country that has turned the holy river Ganges into a sewer and is ruled by fake Gandhis.  Even, the a few grandsons of the Mahatma Gandhi have left India.   The fake Gandhis from Jawaharlal Nehru rule India.  

Be the CHANGE you want to see in this world - Mahatma Gandhi
 An excerpt from the speech by Gopalkrishna Gandhi
We are living amidst terror, hatred, violence, and therefore in fear. There are people who thrive on those, hatred and fear. They have nothing else to them. How did this happen? When, why? I must say to you in all imandari (honesty) that the style of our siyasat (politics) has created this and politicians and political parties must take the zimmedari (responsibility) for this.

I do not intend to explain anything which our Parliament might have done or not done, either. We set it up with great arman (longings), arzu (wishes) and a sense of abru (self-respect). But when I see the way Parliament functions or, perhaps I should say, the way it does not function, it fills me with shame. Parliament is accountable before it is ‘Hon’ble’. It is obsessed by its honour when it should be absorbed in its duties.

And everywhere, money is King. Not the voter, not the Constitution, but money. When something or someone is King, what becomes of the Republic? From the roadside vendor who has to pay a regular mamul in some hundreds of rupees to the giant Corporate that bribes its way to contracts with so many zeroes that I cannot count, we are now become a Jamhuriyat-i-Naqad , a Republic of Cash.

We have become a soulless people, a people without self-confidence, without morale. A nation that does not have any ideals cannot survive. So, is there no hope? Is it all finished? Harghiz nahin , most certainly not. I spoke of the petty machinations of Aurangzeb, of the loot by Nadir Shah. We have modern versions of those amid us. But we also have, amongst us, great souls inspired by Dara Shikoh and Bahadur Shah. If we have men of the kind who killed our Bapu, we also have great and brave soldiers of a united India such as Netaji Subhas Bose would have been proud of.
Source: dated August 15, 2013 

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