Feb 3, 2014

Dalai Lama: Indians are corrupt, religious and educated

India is considered a religious country, but a lot of corruption is taking place in this country.  There are many corrupt people, and I think, the corrupt people are also highly educated.  They (some educated people) pray to God but the purpose of their prayer is to make their corrupt life more successful.

Indian cricket is a reflection of Indian
society-Rahul Dravid
 In western countries, secularism means being negative towards religion while in India it means respect of all religions, and India can promote religious harmony and 'ahimsa'.

Modern India is multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi-racial. It is like the United Nations. I feel the greatness of India. Its people are harmless, and it is an example to the rest of the world as people are living together happily.

- Dalai Lama at sixth convocation ceremony of the Martin Christian Luther University, Shillong, India

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