Mar 18, 2007

Proposed Sree Venkateshwara Temple of Cleveland

A new Shri Venkateshwara/Balaji temple is in the works for the Greater Cleveland area, I hear from the media and the temple website. The location may be in Richfield. The reported estimated cost is about 1.5 million bucks.

"The temple will fulfill a deeply-felt, long-standing need and demand for a Balaji Temple in the Greater Cleveland area. "

There are two existing temples in the Greater Cleveland area and hence why the need for an another one. There is a thriving Balaji temple in Pittsburgh.

Its the nature of people to demand things and demands are not accompanied by a warranty of common sense.

Suppose one could be mistaken about an implicit desire to have a setting where rituals will be performed in the Telugu way rather than the Tamil way. Or is this about power?

Surely there was better ways of spending moolah given that our birth country has millions living in extreme poverty.

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Anonymous said...

what botheres me about the article is this:only hindu's who are ashemed of themselves say"why build mundirs when there are starving people in our home country" well first of all,its the indian gov's job to feed it's citizens(assuming that the people who say this stuff are actually american citizens,not people on extended stays) but lets say that they're right,who cares about the starving kids in india when we have almost as many starving people in america!! i remember when i went to philidelphia on a school trip,we say many homeless guys playing instruments for money in the street.why dont we give our money to them instead?why should we worry about indians starving when we have plenty of starving people on the american streets?also when did it become about religion?will you ever hear them say the same thing about a gurudwara or a dargah or a church?will the indian christians say the same thing"there are plenty of churches lets stop building"??hell no!only the anti hidnu hindu's have the hatred that they have for their own religion that they would say that"we cant build mundirs becuase we are hindus" what bozo would say that about themselves?i challenge the bozo that wrote that to say the same about the many indian churches in detroit or the new gurudwar to be build in sterlington hights mi. or the 100 million masjid near ground zero.will that bozo complain about them?i dont think so