Jan 5, 2016

Islamic Terrorism's 4 Causes

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is a well-known Pakistani Muslim theologian, scholar, interpreter, and educationist.  There is nothing like hearing it from the horse's mouth.  

On the other side, we at hindu temples chant, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha and Om Shanti Shanti and look at where the rote got us! 

Is it possible that Presidential candidate Donald Trump is perhaps not entirely wrong?

Nov 1, 2015

@ Rini Sampath - You Indian Piece of Shit

Rini Sampath University of Southern California
Rini Sampath, University of Southern California (Source: Facebook)

Last night, as I was walking back from my friend’s apartment, a student screamed out at me through the window of his fraternity house, “You Indian piece of shit!” before hurling his drink at my friends and me. Once his fraternity brothers realized it was me, they began to apologize. This stung even more. Today, as I try to unpack these events, I couldn’t quite figure out why their after-the-fact apologies deepened the wound. But one of my friends explained it to me the best this morning: "Because now you know, the first thing they see you as is subhuman.” And that’s the first thing some students on our campus see when they look at anyone who looks like me. 
This was the same fraternity that kicked out a peer of mine from their tailgate after calling him a “fag.” That’s sickening.

I’m still in a state of shock. There’s an indescribable hollowness in me, but I’m going public with this because this can’t continue. Some people don’t believe racism like this can happen on our campus. Some people continue to doubt the need for safe spaces and the need for expanded cultural resource centers or the need for gender neutral bathrooms or the need for diversity in our curriculum or the need for diversity in our professors or the need for diversity in dialogue. And to those who continue to believe we’re just playing the “race” card, I ask you this — what’s there to win here? A sense of respect? A sense of humanity? A sense of love and compassion for others regardless of how they look like?

This isn’t an isolated incident. It happens everywhere. Last week, individuals in a pick-up truck yelled racial slurs at Mizzou’s Student Body President, Payton Head. Who knows what will happen to someone who looks like me today?

“You Indian piece of shit” is the type of language attackers have used before brutally murdering someone. Just look at Inderjit Singh Mukker. “You Indian piece of shit” are words used to humiliate someone for who they are. “You Indian piece of shit” continues to ring so loudly in my ears I still can’t shake it from me.

Whether racism or sexism or homophobia or transphobia happens on the internet, or behind closed doors, or in a small group setting, or as "just a joke," it’s not okay. It’s never okay.

I was surrounded by nearly ten of my friends when this happened last night. I’m glad I was, because I don't know what I would have done if I was alone. They consoled me by telling me, “Whatever you do the next morning will be the right thing.”

Well, I really don’t know what to do. For now, this is my public plea. I don't know if what I have written here is enough, because there aren't enough words in the world to summarize the experiences of people who look like me and what they go through every, single day.

We lost a football game last night, SC. But I think there’s something bigger, much bigger that we’re losing here. And we have to get it back.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/rinisampath?fref=nf

Jul 2, 2015

Asian Indians Marrying White Americans-Yea or Nay

Quotes: Asian Indian Men and Women marrying American Men and Women

"American women are like American cars, they are comfortable but not reliable" - An Asian Indian man with a doctoral degree.
"Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends." – Davide Serra, Italian hedge fund manager
"My wife is American but she has been very good to me". - An Asian Indian man
"American women are good for ^ucking not marrying" - One Asian Indian opinion

Asian Indian guy marrying white gal in India
During a visit to UCLA campus area, I saw a desi gal, likely from Southern India, canoodling at a Chipotle Mexican Grill with an caucasian dude.  As I stood in the long line for ordering food, I wondered if this could result in a long term dating, marriage, marriage that would end in a divorce, a one night stand (this desi gal can't be that dumb, right?) etc. 

Recently, its observed that young Asian Indian men and women and children of Asian Indian immigrants have been marrying caucasians.  I knew an Asian Indian feller who married a black woman and it was a little awkward experience socializing with them, for everyone.

For us Asian Indians, white skin color, blonde hair and blue eyes has a special allure.  This is why one sees caucasian background dancers in Bollywood movies and caucasian cheerleaders in IPL cricket matches.  They make better eye candy (Jalebi) than Indian women for Indian men, is this the sentiment in the sewer of Bollywood/cricket entertainment?  For some, the eye candies may appear better than the main female character in Bollywood songs!     

Indian and American cultures are different.  Their histories are different.  This makes things complicated for the purpose of marriage.  Indians are collectivistic/pseudo collectivistic and Americans are individualistic.  This means, in general, Asian Indians and Americans value different things in life and does not mean that one way is better than the other.  From the standpoint of Asian Indian parents, one point of concern would be that their white daughter in law in all likelihood won't be a virgin.  In some cases, the marriage ceremony is conducted twice, once in a church and once in a hindu temple.  In some cases, the ceremony occurs in India.  The important seems to be what happens when the honeymoon stage is over and love has plateaued?

Bobby Jindal changed his name and religion but did not marry a white woman.  This governor aint stupid, I tell you.  The sweet Governor Nikki Haley changed her religion and married a caucasian man.  I seen well heeled Asian Indian physicians marrying white women or is it white women marrying well heeled Asian Indian doctors?


May 24, 2015

Beachwood Arts Council's to hold Indian DiversityFEST

The Beachwood Arts Council's India Diversity Festival will held on Sunday, June 14th, from 2-5pm, at the Beachwood Community Center, 25225 Fairmount Blvd., at Richmond Road.
Beachwood Arts Council's event on June 14
Showcased will be Cleveland's local Asian Indian community with musical and dance performances by Sugata Chatterjee, Antara Datta of Anga Kala Kathak Academy, Dr. Pinaki Chaudhuri and Anindita Tapaswi.  After the performances, offerings include Indian appetizers for a $5/per person charge, from the Saffron Patch, Choolaah BBQ and CafĂ© Tandoor.

Amee Patel will be selling costume Indian jewelry and a henna artist, Kristina Habarek of HennaMe Body Art will decorate attendees hands for free!

A photography exhibit in the gallery will feature scenes from India.  For further information contact, Leah Gilbert, Executive Director of Beachwood Arts Council.  The Beachwood Art Council is an volunteer, nonprofit organization that has supported the arts in Northeast Ohio since 1964.  

Mar 28, 2015

To Jehovah's Witness of Cleveland, Ohio

To the Jehovah's Witness of Cleveland, Ohio:

You guys (a gal and a guy) visit my home every three months. You politely ring the doorbell. I look through the front door peephole and wonder if I should open the door or not. From your last visits, I know that you guys are polite and trying to spread your message about Christianity or trying to convert non-Christians like myself to Christianity. You even speak an Indian language.

Out of respect to you and for the purpose of not being impolite, I open the door. You hand me a booklet about Christianity and show me a video. I politely accept the booklet and watch your video. Then you guys leave with a plan to revisit after about 3 months. I am kinda okay with hearing you out but..............Okay, I will hear you out again.

I am never going to convert to Christianity. I was born a Hindu and I will die a Hindu. As a Hindu, I like my religion with its good and flaws. If I was born a Christian, I would remain a Christian. I know about Christianity and I respect the good aspects of the philosophy.  I like the teachings of Jesus Christ.  You may not know this but a few Hindus I know pray at churches with their Christian friends.  Its not rare for Hindus to put up a Christmas tree in their homes.  I respect you both. However, the booklet does go into trash rather promptly because you bring a glass of water to Lake Erie.  Try again and better, my friends.  

We Hindus do not proselytize.  We respect the right of other people to follow their faith.  We like to learn from other religions.  Do not take my politeness as agreement with your message. I am not getting influenced by the marketing through booklet or the video, at all, at all.

Some Hindus convert to other religions.

1. During the Muslim rule in India, poor Hindus may have converted to Islam because of poverty and oppression.
2. Poor Hindus may have converted to Christianity because of poverty and to obtain the help offered by Christian missionaries.
3. Rich Hindus convert to Christianity in our country for political reasons. Example: Governor of Louisiana.