Mar 4, 2010

Swami, Oral Sex, Video and Desis


Paramahamsa Swami Nithyananda was reportedly caught on video, getting his pencil sharpened, by a woman who is reported to be Ranjitha, an actress from Tamilnadu.  

Is Swami Nithyananda prohibited from engaging in sexual relations?  Are Hindu preachers or temple priests prohibited from doing the horizontal Bharatnatyam?  Did Swami Nithyananda enter into a legal contract that stipulated celibacy?  Is Swami Nithyananda prohibited by Indian laws from doing the vertical Kuchipudi?  Are desis expecting Swami Nithyananda to say, "I never had sex with Miss Ranjitha"?  

Can't desis live without glorifying Hindu preachers, Hindu priests, Swami Nithyananda or Sai Baba?  Can't desis live without building Sai Baba temples, Swami Narayan temples?    

Leave Swami Nithyananda alone.  Leave gang banger Governor N.D. Tiwari alone. 

Source of image: Shockan

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