May 26, 2013

Hindu Gods Are Imaginary

Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma are imaginary fellows.  So are Ram, Krishna, Hanuman; kinda like Spiderman, Batman, Superman.  Vedas, Mahabharat and Ramayan etc. are old, grandiose, voluminous, fictional comic books written written by bronze age ignorants over many decades containing elaborate stories and some useful philosophy.  All poojas/rituals are  useLESS.  Yep, this applies to Jesus Christ/Christianity, Allah/Religion of Submission (its not Religion of Peace), etc.. too.  The only exception to some degree is Buddhism.  And yet about 90% of humans believe in religions!  What a freak show!  Why does this happen?  Because thinking is uncomfortable and belief in religion is kinda like sex; religion and sex both provide a feeling of fleeting euphoria.  Modern Hinduism is not a way of life because most believers don't actually follow it.  Hinduism is a way of dangling a carrot before gullible Indians for earning money and forming voting blocks for elections, nothing more.  Eventually, Hindus will figure out this fraud/fantasy.      

But, these symbolic fellows like Krishna and Company love you and they need money/donations, followers/devotees, pageantry/festival, dances (Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak etc), poetry (kirtans, bhajans), fictional stories (Satyanarayan katha), glorification-submission through arti/worship/namaz, priests.....  Donations in cash, gold, spectacular temples etc. are welcome. More is better and Lord Venkateshwara's blessings are guaranteed. Limitations apply!  NO REFUNDS!  All sales are final.

Please use your mind and grow some self respect and do not
believe in this chutiya or any other chutiyas

These are Jain monks.  This is what  the parasite of religion
does to people, turns them into dumbasses.

In math, the unknown is called x. 
Do we start start doing pooja, namaz and worship for x?
Do we start building temples, churches and mosques for x?
Do we leverage x for money or power of various types?
If no, then why do we do this for the non-existent and unknown God?
Why do we install this virus in children?
Why don't we teach children the truth instead?
Because it doesn't serve the agenda!
The agenda is money and power

Hinduism and hindu spirituality is big business; look at all the spiritual gurus.  Likely the second oldest profession, prostitution likely being the first. They have a role in societal totem pole disco dancing, building superficial appearances to mask darker habits, vote bank politics and most importantly, power.  The current PM is a beneficiary of this, not that this is bad.  I should consider the possibility that these mass delusions are in fact having a positive effect, certainly on many — and that without them, individuals would likely behave far worse (assuming that they haven't hit the bottom, yet).  The flip side is the holy trinity of Visa, Mastercard and American Express or Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood or Porsche, Mercedes and Lexus, this is no delusion. 

Indoctrination of Hindu children in India
Religious indoctrination of Hindu children in India
and they don't want you to know this.  These
children are the future sources of $, "sewa" (free labor
because its Hinduism),and finally psychological and
political power through a religious vote bank.
In essence, its a form of mind parasitization
like a computer virus that does not have antivirus software.
Parents are responsible for choosing to install
or not install this virus in the minds of their children.
God in Hinduism is called Brahman.  God is the name given to the unknown.    Vishnu is the unknown unknown that is imaginary squared by two. Brahman is not the same as Brahma and Brahmin.  According to Hindu scriptures/story books, the Hindu God Brahman is formless, that is it has no material (stone or metal or clay or wood), feeling, boundaries (inside or outside temple or anywhere else), size (tall or short), sex (male or female) shape (thin or thick), color (white, gold or black idol), appearance (beautiful or not beautiful) etc.  In other words these visible or invisible characteristics are not important but have some minor yet significant meaning.  So, if and when you go to Hindu temples, don't get stuck up on minor things like the layout of temples or poojas or the deities or devotional songs and music ; they don't do much and most people with a inquisitive and living brain know this well. 

Hinduism, bollywood, entertainment
Idol worship is a service business.
The product is invisible.
No customer comes back for a refund.
Bollywoodization of Hinduism,
its easier to sell Hinduism thru fun, dance and
entertainment.  (ex: Dandiya Raas, classical
dances such as Kuchipudi, kirtans, bhajans are
the administrative tools of the Hinduism database!)

religion hinduism
Most religions, including Hinduism, prefer to
occupy the minds of young devotee/victims since
they do not have ability to question.  Branding
is effective on young children or older dumbass
adults (specially women).

The holy cow of Hinduism is Hinduism itself.
Criticism is frowned upon becos its a fooking religion.
People from other religions find a blue colored god with more than 2 hands bizarre and this is because they don't understand and further most Hindus themselves do not understand or care to understand the intricacies of Hindu symbolism.  Hinduism philosophy is like a relational database with 3 primary keys!  And these primary keys are conceptual, again these keys are conceptual; talk about redundancy here.  If you don't understand this, then you don't understand Hinduism (or the database).  The many Hindu Gods are like tables; some related to the primary keys and some not related.   

Symbolism Gone Crazy And Way Obsolete

The one Hindu God, unlike God in other religions has several aliases.  Male and female aliases; therefore Hinduism has goddesses, unlike other religions.  To add to the confusion, Vishnu has avatars.  Krishna and Rama are the popular avatars.  However, Buddha is the important avatar.  Not only an important avatar, Buddha is unarguably the greatest rationalist/Vedantist ever to set foot on Earth.  And what do Hindus do?  Sideline Buddha, even as the Western world adopts him.   Performs rituals without understanding God.  This is the greatest tragedy amongst the Hindus.  Now why did the Hindus sideline Buddha?  Answer: poor education or ignorance or planned orchestrated misleading by religious institutions, take your pick.  

Caste system in Hinduism of India
The caste system in India is a gift of  the business/present
version of  authentic Hinduism
GIGOGarbage In Garbage Out represents the practice of present day Hinduism.  Garbage goes into Hindu temples and comes out of temples.  Its fooking riduculous.  Hindu naivete provides a platform for Gurus, Ammas, Babas, Didis, Matas, Maharaj, Bapus, Sri Sri etc., to make money off of Hindus by selling ancient Hindu philosophy wine in a brand new bottle.  Do you know of any easier way to make crores of rupees?  I don't.  Sweeter than the money is the power these fellows wield over people (politicians, entertainers etc.)  Heck, from now on, my username should be Sri Sri Sri Cleveland Desi or Amma Cleveland Desi or Sadhguru Cleveland Desi.

Show me a picture of Brahman, the Hindu God, you say.  Each of the thousands of dots in this image is an entire galaxy containing billions of stars, revealed in a region of space called the Lockman hole, which allows a clear line of sight out into the distant universe, as seen by the Herschel Space Observatory.  So, the Hindu God does exist as described in the Hindu scriptures and it is formless indeed as shown by science in the picture below.  Do you see a Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma in this picture? You don't because these fellows don't exist. 

This is Brahman, that is, many many galaxies.
There is no other Hindu God but this mass of galaxies.
There is no Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma etc.
All Hindu rituals/poojas are placebos, they do nothing.
Bottom line is Hinduism is monotheistic, not polytheistic and is the most tolerant and accepting of other religions and Gods.  The neatest thing about the Hindu God is that it encompasses all other religions and Gods!!! and that is why it is called the Universal Religion.  From the Hinduism perspective, this also implies that all disputes based on religion are fundamentally human ignorance about who is/are the best conceptual fellows and-or money/power struggles.

Just in case, you are giving yourself a wedgie by interpreting this as an anti-Hindu post, then give your family jewels a break; there is nothing anti-Hinduism or anti-India here.   Religion has much good to offer but only if you understand it, for what it is and what it is not, thoroughly by personal efforts.

Of course, you can dismiss all this as nonsense.  Or do your own research and form your own conclusions.  Or stop being an aszhole to your fellow human being or creature and you become as religious and worthy of Lord Venkateshwara's blessings as the best Hindu temple going fellow.

Some non-delusional Indians 
  1. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first PM of India, was an atheist. “What the mysterious is I do not know. I do not call it God because God has come to mean much that I do not believe in. I find myself incapable of thinking of a deity or of any unknown supreme power in anthropomorphic terms, and the fact that many people think so is continually a source of surprise to me. Any idea of a personal God seems very odd to me.” 
  2. So was Bhagat Singh, the freedom fighter.  
  3. Swami Vivekananda's views on the numerous Hindu Gods is well known.  He must have been an atheist who privately called out Hinduism as bogus.
  4. Akkineni Nageswara Rao of Tollywood is an atheist and 
  5. Kamal Hassan is an atheist 
  6. Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar, 1983 winner of Nobel Prize for Physics is an atheist. 
  7. Egypt gods, Hindu gods
    Would you buy a building
    built without a foundation?
    Would you buy a car
    without an engine?
    If no, then why do you
    buy religions that don't have a

    Hindu gods, Egyptian gods, atheism
    All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of FRAUD,
    fear, GREED, imagination and poetry. - Edgar Allen Poe
  8. Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, the 'Socrates of Southern Asia', was an atheist.  He said, "Can mere bookish lore become knowledge? Can one become a genius through learning by rote? Why is it that educated persons endowed with the highest mental gifts - degree holders in general and science and degree holders in particular - believe that a mere stone is a God and prostrate before it" (Periyar does not explain this but there is a reason for Hindus believing in Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma even after knowing that they do not exist that's for another article.)
Reincarnation, as implied in Hindu religious literature is nonsense.
Once dead, always dead, remember that.
You will never be reborn.
Dont be an ahole to others, that is Hinduism.

The Lord first needed a gold necklace,
Now, Sri Venkateswara Inc. needed a gold shirt
Next year, it will be gold underwear,
Then perhaps a big platinum rod and diamond balls.

The Good News

Hinduism is a pyramid scheme
"Hindu priests know very well that there are no Hindu gods."
Most curious American Hindu kids will figure out the truth about Lord Venkateshwara during their college years.  This is the good news.  The bad news is that once they figure this out, they are likely to dump Hinduism and this would be similar to throwing the baby with the bath water.  It does not have to be this way.  But as long as Lord Venkateshwara Inc. is cash positive and the Sri Sri's of the world are getting their rocks off, it don't matter.  In any case, there is no ugly news!  Cheers. 


  1. If good comes out of beliefs in God, irrespective of God's existence, then whats the problemo? And why just Hindu gods? This logic applies to all Gods.

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  3. I must say I liked this article. It brought up so many good points.

  4. I don't care.


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