Jun 21, 2013

Cleveland Museum of Art lines up Asian Indian Music for Summer Solstice Concert

Cleveland Museum of Art will feature Asian Indian bhangra music with DJ Rekha and Red Baraat in Summer Solstice Concert 2013

Cleveland Museum of Art's new atrium
The Cleveland Museum of Art has announced the line-up for the fifth annual Summer Solstice concert, which takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 22 at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The newly completed atrium stage of Cleveland Museum of Art, pictured above, will include DJ Rekha.  The outdoor stage on the museum’s south terrace will feature an eclectic group of world beat/electronic dance acts, including Brooklyn’s Asian Indian bhangra beat act Red Baraat.  The 8 p.m. entry tickets cost $60 per person, $30 for museum members.   Kind of overpriced, eh?  Well, not really because there is demand for this kind of music and the tickets have been sold out. 

DJ Rekha (born Rekha Malhotra, 1971) is a London-born musician, DJ, producer, curator, and activist. She has been credited with pioneering Bhangra music in North America.

Red Baraat is a Brooklyn based music group founded by Sunny Jain.  Sunny Jain is a dhol player, drummer and composer.  Its members include Rohin Khemani, Tomas Fujiwara, Mike Bomwell, Sonny Singh, MiWi La Lupa, Ernest Stuart and John Altieri.

The man who has put together this project of Cleveland Museum of Art is Aaron Petersal.  Aaron Petersal is the Director of Membership and Visitors Experience.  

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