Oct 15, 2011

India Grocers of Parma Heights

India Grocers at 6855 on West 130th Street W. 130th Street in Parma Heights is one of the cleanest and best Asian Indian grocery stores in Cleveland area. This store has a broad and varied inventory of Asian Indian grocery, therefore it is a one stop shop. India Grocers seems to favor Rimpy brand of grocery products.  However, the markup on some grocery items is a bit high and probably this is the main reason why a few Asian Indians shy away from this business.  The owners are Gujarati, ask for Satish, he is a helpful dude.  India Grocers does not have a website.  

This Asian Indian grocery store is located next to the Cuisine of India which has changed ownership many times.

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Anonymous said...

These guys don't give the sale receipt unless you ask for it. Seen customers complaining about wrong billing. Whats up?