Dec 15, 2011

Bollywood hindi movies are made by asses for the masses

Bollywood's hindi films are made for the masses by asses is a remark that is attributed to Sunil Gavaskar, a famous cricket player of India.  He is right.  This is the biggest sixer hit by Sunil Gavaskar.      

Bollywood's hindi movies offer escapism for the idiots.  Here is what Amitabh Bachan, the most famous Bollywood actor is reported to have said about Bollywood's hindi movies.

Masses worshipping asses

CNN: Is Bollywood escapism for the Indian people?

Amitabh Bachchan: "You have to see it in a larger perspective. There are large numbers of people in India below the poverty line, there are large numbers of people who lead a meager existence. They want to find a little escape from the hardships of life, and come and watch something colorful and exciting and musical. Indian cinema provides that. So yes, the content of our television and our cinema is escapist in nature because we are there to provide entertainment.  The select group of people who do make realistic cinema, who do make cinema perhaps a little more acceptable to the Western audience, is a very small percentage".

What larger perspective is the Bollywood celebrity talking about?  Do the poor people of India want a little escape from the hardships of life?  No, its not possible for most to escape the hardship of life in India.  Poor people of India want food to eat, clothes to wear and a home to live.  They want to live in a pollution free environment which is nearly impossible in today's India.  They want to live like humans with a little bit of dignity and this too is difficult in today's India.  They want to provide a halfway good life for their children.  Asian Indians want to live in a nation where corruption is not the way of life.  The smart and educated ones realize that these dreams are not going to turn into reality and they get the heck out of that wretched country.   Anywhere but India is the motto.  Almost anywhere but India.  The good ones try to make a difference in their adopted country and/or in India.  Some expect a return for helping.  Some expect no returns for helping (eg: Asha of Cleveland).

This is India
Asian Indians don't want to see  super rich Bollywood's fruity arseholes prancing around a tree or park or on streets to loud disco music.  Or do they, I hope not.  Bollywood movies do not provide entertainment and if you think they do, I should feel sorry for your pathetic taste in entertainment.

Why Bollywood is made by asses for the masses

These are some ingredients of a typical Bollywood and Asian Indian movies:
  1. A hero who is likely a bad actor with no formal education and training in acting.  He sometimes appears shirtless and this appears like an attempt to quicken the pulse of the female fans and if indeed this is happening, India is screwed. 
  2. A heroine who is kinda good looking and is very likely a terrible actress.  At times, she appears scantily clad and this is targeted towards the sex starved Asian Indian males. 
  3. A irritatingly loud and pompous jackass (eg: Gulshan Grover) who plays the role of the bad guy for a significant portion of the 3 hour movie duration.
  4. The hero and heroine shitty dances in a disco club like setting and extra soft pornographic moves (the female dancing in rain in low rise clothing, moaning,  arching her butt close to the male's crotch kinda like a female lioness interesting in mating right away, shaking of the boobies and butt etc.)
  5. I could go on but I rest my case here.
Do yourself and your family a favor.  Stop watching stupid Bollywood movies and more importantly do not get your children hooked on to the Bollywood movies.  Bollywood provides zero individual nourishment.  Bollywood does not provide entertainment either.

Nandita Dutta of Dear Cinema reviews a Bollywood movie called Bodyguard in an article titled Bodyguard : Only star, no shine.  Nandita Dutta writes
It is hard to come by characters in a film who have been relegated to caricatures of  such a lamentable status. The film breezes past you in such a superficial way that it will be more befitting to label it a commercial for a bodyguard (read Salman Khan) than cinema. Or then it can be said that the writer-director has done a bad patchwork of stitching together stunts and songs, held loosely by scenes that have neither depth nor any thought for his characters. All that Kareena Kapoor is made to do throughout the film is show off Manish Malhotra outfits and is confined to girly giggles and tears in the name of a role 
Recently, Katrina Kaif was seen moving her ass in popular song titled Sheila Ki Jawani.  At its core, this Bollywood song like others is about titillation by titty and butt shaking and covert calls for (lets call a spade a spade) fucking.

Aren't Bollywood love songs about this?
 Bollywood Dances aka Item Dances

Back in the old days (there were no movies or television then), Asian Indians had a word for a woman who did these kind of dances. They were called tawaif (courtesans).  Tawaifs worked at kothas/quasi brothels.  Men used to visit kothas to watch dances (old school strip tease), drink and get sexual services.  Some tawaifs were associated with prostitution.  Fast forward to the birth of movies in India.  Bollywood adopts these themes realizing that titillation sells and brings it into the mainstream.  Is this kind of entertainment appropriate for little children to watch in your home?  Is it appropriate for young girls to aspire to become a Bollywood Item Girl?  Its not about bobbies, it about brains.  Asian Indians refer to a woman as Jagat Janini.  But disrespect of women is passed of as entertainment by some Bollywood asses.

Who the fuck is Amitabh Bachan?  Who the fuck is Salman Khan of Bollywood?  I do know the awesome Salman Khan of the difference making Khan Academy though.  However, Bollywood does have exceptions, here is one of them.  

Bollywood in Cleveland Ohio

In the Cleveland area, Tollywood and Bollywood movies have been screened in a theater on Ridge Road in Parma.  So far, the influence of Bollywood in Cleveland is marginal.   Asha of Cleveland has organized Bollywood parties in bars located near downtown Cleveland.  A bar is indeed the most appropriate place for Bollywood.  Using the proceeds of a Bollywood party to help the education of underprivileged children in India, priceless.  Kudos to the youngest and the newest Cleveland Asian Indian students.    

Lastly, but not least importantly, Bollywood and the related quasi-Bollywood activities have no connection with Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma and should be kept out of all Hindu temples in general.


  1. While I do like some (very few, though) Bollywood movies even though those might be 'escapist', I do share your view about the sheer hype around Bollywood. Wait, the same goes for Hollywood, too.

  2. I agree. Hollywood is about hype and escapism too. Its more cutting edge, Avatar for example. Great war movies like Saving Private Ryan. Awesome movies like Forest Gump. Bollywood's strength is in language and poetry but it is getting worse.

  3. Why dont you talk about how much of gun crime goes on in this country and how many people who are in the mainstream are addicted to drugs.While greedy folks in India mix white stones in rice to maximize their profits, here in USA most of the supermarket foods are saturated with preservatives many of which are carcinogens. The same thing goes on here in USA as well but people just turn a blind eye to it.How many teenagers watch these video games which show only violence and have committed gun crimes. Why dont u speak about these instead potraying just the bad things that happen in India. Worse things happen even here. Just look around u.

  4. @ Anonymous on Nov 3, 2013: Greedy folks in Indian mix rice with white stones to maximize profit!?

  5. That is the love toilet. LOL


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