Mar 23, 2013

Tips and Do's and Don't for Women for India Travel


Tips, do's and dont's for women for India travel
Carry a pepper spray and a taser, after checking with law enforcement, airline and immigration authorities.

Carry a whistle on your keychain.

Carry a personal alarm on your key chain or a lanyard.

Find out the phone number of your hotel in India and enter it in your cellphone even before you land in India.

Prepaid cellphones are inexpensive in India, buy one soon after you land in India.  

Contact the hotel prior to your arrival in India and find out the names of reliable transportation providers. 

Ask your Indian hotel or guesthouse to book a taxi or auto-rickshaw for transfers to bus and rail stations.  The hotel staff is likely to know a reliable taxi or auto-rickshaw company and drivers.

Women should not wear skin hugging trousers in India.

Drink boiled water or you will be shitting several times a day for days or weeks before ending up in a hospital with questionable standards.  

Use the pre-paid taxi counters at Indian airports and pay up for air-conditioned vehicles. 

Even if you don't have a hotel booked, behave as if you do.  Ask to be dropped off somewhere in particular and take it from there.

Make sure your room has a proper bolt on the inside of the door. Travel with a rubber doorstop to foil intruders.

Most Indian cities seem to have a growing problem with eve-teasing so use the women-only carriage on the metro and lines for tickets etc. 

Stay off the street after dark. Do what Indian women do, take a taxi or rickshaw to a restaurant as Indian women do.

Public toilets will stink, deal with it.   Keep a hand sanitizer. 

To avoid hawkers, wear sunglasses and keep walking.   Throw in a firm NO when necessary. 

Females, specially white women, must never never travel alone in India at any time of the day.   

Do not wear skimpy or revealing clothing. This includes spaghetti strap tops, long see-through cotton skirts and shorts.  Again, no shorts for women in India even though the climate may call for it.  

Do not even think about showing any side bra, cleavage or side boob.

Less makeup is better, it wont run off because of the heat.  Its safer too. 

Beware of pickpockets. 

Secure your handbag properly positioning it on your hips and not to the sides around the shoulder.

Walk in front of your boyfriend or husband so that he can keep an eye on you.  Ask your boyfriend or hubby to grow a mohawk and color it in red before your visit to India!  

Wear a bra or even better, a bro.  Less is safe, skip the padded bra.   

Do not wear high heels.  Go with sneakers.  You want to be able to run if you get into trouble. 

Cover your butt with a long shirt.  A sleeved shirt is safer than a sleeveless shirt, it will keep the mosquitoes and Indian men away.  

Do not be too friendly with Indian men who approach you at tourist sights or with hotel staff. Instead strike up conversations with the Indian women.   Ask women for directions instead of men.  

Do not confront ogling Indian males. It is seen as a come-on.  Instead avert your eyes down and away. This signals that you have no interest in further interaction.

Do not accept alcoholic drinks from strangers in India.  To be safe, do not accept any food or drinks from strangers.

Indian women rarely drink or smoke in public - even in hotel bars - so beware of any man who invites you to do so.

Do not walk in the Indian countryside on your own. If you must, always have a mobile at hand and a speed-dial number to call for help. Use it - even to make a fake call - as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.

Do not ever wear thongs or skimpy bikinis to Indian beaches.  Wear a one piece that covers your lady parts and then some. 

Do not chat up skull cap wearing Indian men with long longish beards if you are white.

Finally, ask yourself, must you visit India, really? 

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