Mar 23, 2013

H1B Visa Immigration Fraud Scheme by Indian Origin Man Alleged

An Indian origin businessman allegedly involved in an alleged H1B immigration visa fraud scheme.  Surprise, surprise,  Not. Many Asian Indians in the US and elsewhere are not unfamiliar with the feeling that these kinds of schemes go on in a few Indian cities involving a few/several Indian IT companies.

Get one IT employee for a reduced price and get a second employee for half the price, which for-profit corporation, would not like considering this package?  This is body shopping.   Fair quality work performed by a large supply of young non-unionized Indian citizens at low Indian prices (at will work at low wages and no additional benefits, open ended work hours, a $ucked up legal system in India, little or no legal recourse in India or the employer's country), this is an ideal perennial high yield labor-gold mine for any for-profit international corporation.  Simply put, its corporate head honchos from one hemisphere harvesting an another human in the opposite hemisphere for fulfillment of wants and profit.  It has less to do, if anything at all, with unavailability of qualified workers in the US or any other country.

H1 B Visas by Company US and Indian
Cheap labor aka wage slaves and consumers in countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South East Asian countries will continue to attract international corporations for several years to come.  Water flows from higher to lower pressure, jobs flow from higher to lower wages.  This is not in the interest of a job seeking American, on the other side, American corporations are entitled to pursue profit by shipping jobs overseas where they have a higher chance of making higher money.  This is American capitalism aka profit system folks.  Globalization nonsense has taken away food from the dining tables of American children under the mask of whatever BS they can come up with.  Recently someone compared H1B workers in California to an "infestation", how the fook is this okay?  I love the USA and I don't want it to become India. 
It happened over about 6 years and involved 13 million dollars, 13 million dollars!!!  This SOB should have made atleast 30 million in 6 years screwing desperate fellow countrymen.  13, that turned out to be unlucky for Phaniraju Bhimaraju.  Someone shock me by advising me that his origin is from the State of Andhra Pradesh in India.  It is noted that on March 22, 2013, Julie Rose of WFAE, reports in her article titled Charlotte Businessman Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud Scheme that  a Charlotte resident pleaded guilty in federal court this week to running an immigration scheme that parlayed hundreds of temporary work visas into profits of $13.2 million.
So a Charlotte man named Phani Raju Bhima Raju set up shop as a middleman. He recruited people from his native India – and other countries - to allegedly work for his Pineville tech company called iFuturistics.

In reality, Raju was farming those workers out to companies across the country and making a handy profit of over $13 million.
Phaniraju Bhimaraju of Charlotte North Carolina, arrest dated Nov 28, 2012
 That was over a period of six years ending last November when Raju got caught. In one episode straight out of a con-man movie, Raju got word that Immigration was coming to check on all the H-1B workers he claimed to have in Pineville, so he filled an empty office with fake employees and new computers to throw inspectors off the scent. A month later, the investigators came back to find the same office dark and deserted.
Spradlin won't say how Raju's fraud was ultimately discovered, but court documents indicate at least one woman complained to authorities after coming to the U.S. for the promise of a $60,000 job, only to be given no work and no reimbursement of her $2,500 security deposit.

"That's another common thing that we see referred to as 'benching' where these people don't actually work and they're paying to take a position that they're not actually being given," says Spradlin.

Imtiaz Muqbil writes,

During the six month period from March through August 2009, Mission India’s consular sections identified a total of 3,596 cases of suspected visa fraud (Chennai – 1,237, New Delhi – 949, Mumbai – 809, Hyderabad – 523, Kolkata – 78). 5. Most of India’s fraudulent applicants come from specific and easily defined regional areas within each consular district.

“These states have some of the most mobile populations in India and the largest concentrations of expatriate communities overseas, including in the United States. In New Delhi, cases originating from the Punjab comprise the majority of its IV (Immigrant Visa) and fraud caseloads, while the same can be said in Mumbai with Gujarat. Chennai and Hyderabad’s fraud workload comes principally from Andhra Pradesh.”

It says that “B1/B2 visa fraud is the most commonplace.   Regionally-based fraud rings throughout the country, but especially in Hyderabad, continue to produce fraudulent documents for visa application and travel purposes. Some visa “consultants” and travel agents specialize in fraudulent experience letters and fake document packages, which include passport copies of false relatives, bogus financial documents, and affidavits of support.”


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