Dec 30, 2011

Heidi Frazer-Cherry of Rosedale Elementary School, Livonia Resigns

Heidi Frazer-Cherry said teachers at Rosedale Elementary School believed that children of Indian descent were dirty

Livonia Public Schools
Heidi Frazer Cherry, Rosedale Elementary School, Livonia Public Schools Courtesy: Detroit Free Press
Kudos to Karen Smith, Observer Staff Writer, for writing Livonia principal alleging racial discrimination at school resigns.  Here is some information from Karen Smith's article.  I encourage you to read the whole article

Heidi Frazer Cherry, 49, said Thursday she doesn't want to work for Livonia Public Schools any longer because she “can't work for people who do this to small children.”

Heidi Frazer Cherry has been employed by Livonia Public Schools since 1994, including the past eight years as a principal. She was a classroom teacher, department chair and language arts curriculum coordinator before becoming a principal. Heidi Frazer Cherry was named principal of Rosedale Elementary School this school year after serving most recently as principal at Cooper Upper Elementary School in Westland.

Heidi Frazer-Cherry said teachers at Rosedale believed that children of Indian descent were dirty and should be checked as a group for lice and that the staff treated black children with disrespect, blaming them for wrongs they didn't commit.

She said she received no support from the administration and was told in a meeting with her union president and human resources personnel that she could not use the term “racism in this district.”

Rosedale Elementary School has the third-highest minority population of the district's 13 K-4 schools. Approximately one of every six students is African-American. The school also has a large Indian population.

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In India, lice in children is a known issue.  Most Asian Indians who migrate to the US are educated and a few children of these immigrants may indeed have lice.  However, a stereotype that Asian Indian children should undergo special treatment for lice infestation, implicitly or explicitly, is not a practice that has a place in any schools in the United States.  This is the United States of America, not India.  On the other side, do Asian Indians have stereotypes about schools and school staff? 

Thank you braveheart Heidi Frazer-Cherry.  Few stand up for children, in lieu of their self interest and fewer would stand up for a brown skinned child of Indian ethnicity.  Self interest is the glue that binds school babus together.  Wish more teachers were like you.  

Update: October 18, 2015

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