Feb 17, 2012

Anup Jalota highlights Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple Celebrations

Anup Jalota at Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple Celebration
Anup Jalota will sing in support of Greater Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple during the temple's 25th Anniversary celebrations at Independence Middle School on April 27th, 2012 at 8 PM.  Anup Jalota has sung at benefit events for temples more than once.  

Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple's outstanding loan is about $900,000 and it has more than 5 highly qualified and dedicated staff members.  There is a feeling that most families do not donate as much as they should to the Cleveland Shiva Vishnu temple.  What is the standard for donating to this or any Hindu temple?  I think the standard should be as more as you can and certainly not as less as you can get away with.  If a family of four donates $4 after aarti at $1/person (!) and $8 for prasad/lunch at $2/person, the monthly donation totals to about $50 and the yearly upper range donation to $600.  That is a rather meager donation from many families in the Greater Cleveland area.  Most of us can do better than this for a temple, that is better, if not the best, than many other, in our country and by that I mean the USA and not India.  Having said that, there is no intention of ranking temples because they are omnipresent and equal.   Further, on the positive note, Hindu families do step up to the plate to participate in the lunch and several volunteer services everyday. 
The popular bhajans and ghazals (hows that for a combo, antidote and the poison in one) for which Anup Jalota is credited the most are:

Aisi Lagi Lagan
Chaand Angdaiyaan Le Raha Hai
Tumhare Shahar Ka Mausam
Main Nazar Se Pee Raha Hoon
Hum Se Achi to Kahin Aaine ki Khismat Hogi
Rukh Se Parda Hata De
La Pila De Saqiya
Shree Hanuman Chalisa
Mere Kabr Par Pate Huye
Tum Kya Samjho Tum Kya Jano
Kategi Ye Zindagi Ab Rote Rote
Laga Chunari Mein Daag
Rang De Chunariya
Prabhuji Tum Chandan Hum Pani

Anup Jalota started his musical career as a chorus singer in All India Radio. He is usually backed by a santoor player, a dholak player, a sarod player, a sarangi player, a violinist, a sitar player, a tabla player and a guitarist.

He can sing in different languages. He has recorded several hundred bhajans, ghazals and songs.  According to Wikipedia, Anup Jalota was married to singer Sunali Jalota until their divorce.  Sunali's second marriage was with Roop Kumar Rathod, once Anup Jalota's tabla player and friend.  Ouch!
The promoters of the concert are TathaasthuMag.com  Planet Archives, LLC is the parent company that publishes Tathaastu: So Be It.  Planet Archives, LLC is based in Edison, New Jersey.  Anup Jalota is an advisory board member of this publication.

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