Jul 15, 2012

India Is Disgusting-Mark Manson

Indians don't immigrate out of India.  We get the fook out of India.  Those who get out are indeed lucky.  What do you see when you go back to visit your family in India?  When one gets out of any airport, you are in the midst of a human wildebeest herd.  Fooking people everywhere.  Poorly planned and unlawful construction everywhere.  Potholed roads everywhere, if you can call them that.  People moving around like a thick row of ants in their cars and scooters; its like wildebeest herds crossing River Mara at every traffic signal.   You breathe exhaust fumes mixed with fine dust most of the time.  As you head to your destination, you are periodically hit with the smell of piss and shit from roadside open toilets.  Men take out their pricks and let it go on the roadside.  Cows and stray wild dogs and their shite everywhere.  Obsolete temples preying on dumb Indians and brainwashing mosques everywhere.   Stupid commercial and Bollywood billboards everywhere promoting all kinds of aholes and shite in the name of entertainment.  Electric poles and  wires everywhere.  And to top it off, the country has the shitty reservation system in educational institutions and employment that won't end for political reasons.  You unconsciously know that getting out of that environment was the best decision you ever made for yourself and your progeny. 

If you give the environment a thoughtful moment, you realize that human dignity is inversely proportional to the number of human beings.    If you give it further thought, you realize  that there is no fooking government that can solve the problems of this populous country.  The government, its three branches and its self serving members have mostly given up and said, "Oh Fook it" and left the people to fend for themselves.  And I suppose the people do a pretty good job for fending for themselves in that wretched environment.  Those who can, get the fook out of it, at the earliest, by any means, thanks to the global economy fook up.  Does it make sense to sing Vande Mataram or Jana Gana Mana in USA?  Fook, no.

Now here is what a visitor thinks.   

Mark Manson has written an article A Dust Over India.  Here is an excerpt from Mark Manson's article,

The first thing that strikes you about India is how dirty it is. In a word, the place is disgusting. All of it. The entire country. Never before have I seen mountains of garbage the size of a small house stacked on the side of a road, in broad daylight, in the middle of a city, repeatedly. Dumpsters tipped over and overflowing. Mounds of trash — wrappers, cups, papers, napkins, strewn all about, mixed with sludge from the soda and urine and spit coagulated from thousands of daily passersby.

Like the dust, the garbage never ceases. And along with the garbage, there is an unending stream of humanity. It is impossible to spend a full day in the middle of a major Indian city without lobotomizing yourself trying to figure out where the hell all of the people come from. I’ve been to Hong Kong. I’ve been to Manhattan and Beijing. I’ve been to Mexico City. And the swarm of humanity crawling through India’s cities is unparalleled. There’s no comparison. Many streets more closely resemble a bee hive than a functioning human society. When I flew into Mumbai, there were homeless people sleeping on the tarmac. Take a moment for that to sink in: the city is so crowded and disgusting that people decide they’d rather sleep on the airport runway.

And that is the second thing to strike you about India. The poverty. It is legitimate take-your-breath-away poverty. Like the kind you see on TV charity ads but far worse. And far more real. Limbless men stewing about in their own feces. Emaciated children playing on a piles of garbage. A man with his leg literally rotting off to the bone, maggots and all, laying on the curb. It’s everywhere. The amount of suffering is indescribable. And it is unceasing. After a couple days, I was excited to hire a driver to go to Agra because I figured I’d be able to see some countryside and escape the stench and horrors of the city. But no. The entire four hours between Delhi and Agra was an unending stream of people, garbage and cars, with billows of dust drafting in our wake the whole way down.

My initial reaction the first few days was pure shock. But it quickly evolved into anger. How could a place like this be allowed to exist? How could normal people walk around with a clear conscience with so much shit and squalor festering about them? I felt indignant. Where was the social accountability? Where was the charity? Where the fuck was the government?


  1. It's really sad this guy doesn't have a clue what India is all about. He probably needs a lesson :-) I can't believe the ignorance some people like him have about one of the greatest countries that ever existed. It's not just because I'm Indian, I have morals and don't know where to begin about his so called 'great country'.

    1. It would be a greater country if the land was respected and taken care of.

  2. Why don't you enlighten about what India is all about when you are ready?

  3. To begin with our country was colonized by the britts for abt 150 yrs, and our indigenous industries were crushed so that they could dump their produce on our people, also tons of dough was taken back to the island. Read abt the state of the poor in Britain during and just before the industrial revolution...read abt the development of the sewer system in London and the state before that.....read abt the coal miner kids..blah blah...it took years if not centuries and loads of looting from its colonies......i do admire Japan though esp the way it pulled its act together after ww2...europe had the marshal plan to thank for that.....and india is multination nation...its complicated and shall take time...but i'm sure we're moving in the right direction...one quality of indians i really like is they r usually unequivocally optimistic even in the face of defeat...and i wouldn't go so far to call em imbeciles...but kids who'll eventually stun u with their ingenuity.....and man when it comes to the sea humanity u speak of...u Caucasians have spread all over the planet....i mean u occupied untouched lands...savagely wiped out the indigenous populations and then dared called the victims savages....imagine what would happen if u pushed back all these descendants into the countries of their origin i doubt u'd see a rosy picture...i do admire the courage of caucasian ppl to go explore wild lands....and their ability to invent and reason....but u must understand how different ur life would be had u been born on the other side of the fence....the scale of the uphill task to raise our ppl above the tide....ur forefathers did it all while u reap the benefits...but in our case we shall be the golden generation that shall change the fate of our ppl....so don't act all smug and go take a nap.

    1. Dream on castellum, you will be the Brown generation that will fail miserably when everyone else gets hip to the Indian ruse. Ultimately when they do you're gonna be kicked out of everywhere for being the DISGUSTING RACIST RAPIST WANNABE YUPPIES that you truly are!!

  4. @Castellum, Oorah Oorah, I am kinda surprised that only one has stood up for India, so far.

  5. Another DesiNovember 14, 2012

    This guy will be the first person to land in India when it takes over his country.

    By the way, why didn't this faggot realize that despite being so 'disgusting' India is still the world's 4th largest economy - just about to takeover Japan. Idiot, just imagine what will happen if all the shit is cleaned! Come, clean the garbage for us and we'd be happy to give a share. hahahha dumbass.

    You'll never find rich and successful people (or businessmen) making such remarks. It's not because they can't smell the garbage, but because they don't care about anything else other than $$$ - they love India

  6. @ Another Desi: There is a popular Hindi song: na biwi na baccha, na baap gada na maiya, the whole thing is that ke bhaiya, subse bada rupaiya

  7. The Pious VenomousDecember 25, 2012

    I love how people speak out of they're asses because of this idea of free speech on the internet.

    My man, India is a billion plus people with free will. Not a billion plus people with dictatorial government. Not a few million with the privilege of the exposure and the pace of development of the new world. Nope. No, and I mean NONE of anyone outside will understand how a billion people co exist, have a functional economy and achieve a certain state of happiness or achievement. Millions today in India are working towards pulling the other millions lagging behind as far as standard of living is concerned, slowly and lovingly.

    I really am amazed at how you have the time to sit and articulate about how some alien culture that is doing a MOTHERFUCKING amazing job of overcoming the rain of shit by invading civilizations, millions of micro-state cultures in-fighting and a general state of non-aggressiveness.

    Your inability to at-the-least try and understand, if not passively appreciate a non-familiar world, but the ability to elaborate about such on public blogs, shows how rational you really are.

    I am not provoked, don't get me wrong. I'm just amazed.

  8. Great detective work guys, 150 yrs of slavery, 1 billion population blah, blah, blah

  9. When I go to India, I try to act like the locals, so I piss and shit in the street, rape tourists, and rip people off. I always have a good time.

  10. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    India is disgusting - agreed...but if USA had a population of 1.2 billion people then the US would be disgusting too,..and 1.2 billion americans of different ethnic backgrounds would have killed each other by now. Its not easy controlling a population that huge....india was the richest country in the world up until 17th century when the British came and looted it so much...and the British looted India for 400 years starting in the 1500s when east India company established its base in India. Before the British , India was cleaner than Europe....and richer too...India was a thousand states under royal families and everyone was clean, well fed and educated. The British destroyed India socially and economically but now India is back on track to becoming rich again.

    That said, I am an Indian...old money....upper class aristocratic background....I am truly sickened by most other Indians especially the nouveau riche class there....but then i am also sickened my ignorant americans and insular europeans....i prefer intelligent people....who exist in every country and society but u need to look hard for them. Sadly the author of this blog isnt intelligent at all...otherwise he wud have better ways of intelligently attacking India rather than using such a foolish choice of words.....

    Thats all.....

  11. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    I am an Indian, and completely support what Mark Manson has written about the state of affairs of the so called 4th largest democracy called INDIA.

    And those who are trying to pull MARK down for his honest and crystal clear views, I have only one message for them. Don't throw stones at others when you live in glass houses.

    In fact you all INDIANS who are trying to belittle MARK for his honest and straight forward views should be ashamed of themselves, for running away from INDIA and not trying to make a difference to country by taking the ills of this country head on.

    Why because you are scared of the political & bureaucratic hooligans who are responsible for much of INDIA's condition, so you decide to hide in your mother's petticoat.

    Why can't INDIA have the same conditions that is prevailing in US or EUROPE. Why because we all INDIANS are so selfish that we would mind slitting our brother's or sister's throat for our pound of flesh. The recent devastation in UTTARAKHAND is an excellent example.

    So please you all INDIANS before belittling a foreigner please first let's look at your own backyard.

    If we want to become a super power like US, then cleaning starts from top. And you need to die to start this cleaning, are you prepared to die, my fellow INDIANs. I guess not. So my dear friends we all INDIANS, (and it includes every single one of you) are to be blamed for such a sorry state of affairs of INDIA and not MARK MANSON. He is just trying to make a wrong, right.

    We are ones who need to wake up, not put MARK to sleep. I do not wish to elaborate further, since you all know the bloody truth.

  12. AnonymousJuly 18, 2013

    Provide me a green card, all desis want green card and citizenship.

  13. @ Anonymous July 3, 2013, thank you for the comments.

  14. http://markmanson.net/a-dust-over-india

    please read the full article,Don't be too sensitive, just be sensible.It was Mark Manson's personal opinion & perspective.

    Everything we hear is an opinion,not a fact.Everything we see is a perspective is not the truth - Marcus Aurelius

  15. @ Venu: That Marcus. Is that Marcus Aurelius's opinion and did perspective or truth lead him to form that opinion?

  16. @Anonymous July 3, 2013: Why should Indians be ashamed of running away from India? The fact is that an overwhelming majority of Indians who leave India are glad to be out of that country. What would you do if you had an opportunity to leave India, stick around in India?

    What do Indians who leave India, permanently, OWE, legally and morally, to India? Nothing. But I hope that they will help the poor in India (Mark Manson compares the two beggars/human beings, near Bodh Gaya temple, in his article to dogs).

    I think Indians should be more grateful to the US, in words and deeds, (and whichever country they migrate to) for giving them and their children the quality of life that would otherwise be not possible in India.


  17. IF you've actually been to the Mark Manson site and read his blog you'll know that he has traveled across most continents.

    What stands out for me is that Manson has been in South America, INCLUDING THE POOREST countries Bolivia and Peru.... AND Manson has been in Southeast Asia, including Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

    If Manson has been to poverty stricken lands like Laos and Cambodia and Bolivia AND THEN CALLS iNDIA "the most disgusting place he's ever been to" THEN THAT TELLS YOU THAT iNDIA IS REALLY BAD!

  18. @lukebccg: I have been to Mark's site and I note that he has traveled to other poor countries and then called India what he did. India is a poor country with a population that is much larger than that of Bolivia, Peru, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

    It would have been fairer if Mark Manson noted the good aspects of India, its people and culture.

    Be well lukebccg.

  19. AnonymousJuly 29, 2015

    Mark your observation may be to some extent correct about places not being clean. But can you first think of your own country's rusbbish trash before even starting on a writing about other countries trash.

    The place may not be clean, the roads may be dusty. People may have their entire life on road.
    If you think this place to be so dirty, didnt you ever know about India earlier or you are just born.

    Do you know the meaning of family, friendship, bravery or scracifice. I think you expected dirt from the places you visited and you got it full hands. I pity your expectation and thoughts.

    India is pradise in disguise. For those who know the true value of it - will only salute for it. For the rest of the aliens its just one more country.


    For god's sake you EX-Indian here you have no right to talk bad about India. If you are ashamed of saying you were born in India, better of change your colour and blood in your body. Do a blood tranfusion to amerian blood and colour your hair blond and go marry more than once and dump as many you want. Do drug which is the trend and what not. Sinful pity Souls who came and settled in america and talking bad about india. The author seems to be less worse than you all.

  20. Perhaps this is an old discussion, but whatever.

    I always find it too cheap to blame 'Colonialization' or 'The West'.

    A country cannot be a corrupt and dirty shithole only because they have been colonialized in the past. Let's be real here: human beings are not very friendly monkeys and our history is written in blood. This is the case everywhere and not only because of Europeans having colonialized the world in the past.

    The only thing that can make a country a shithole like India is its own people. In the West we teach our children basic behavioural values such as: do not lie, do not pick your nose, wash your hands, don not scream when people are sleeping, respect your sisters, do not push people out of lines, put garbage in the bin, be honest, do not touch people with dirty hands, be honest, eat using knife and fork, etc.

    After having lived in India for many months, I have concluded that Indians completely lack ALL of these basic behavioural values and nor do they teach these to their children. Even the rich ones are disgusting people who would not feel ashamed to repeatedly lie in your face only to gain 1 dollar.

    And thát is the real reason why India is in the top3 worst places ever. The people itself. So stop blaming 'The West' or 'Europeans' and look at yourself.

  21. Never been to India, Ill take Marks word that it's the most disgusting country on earth.
    The defense of India is futile, did the invaders steal your common sense ?
    Did they take your bathrooms ? India will never be 1st world. Best bet is a flood.

  22. @Anonymous on March 31, 2016: It is said that common sense is a rare sense. People in India do not shit and piss outside because they want to. Some people are poor and do not have a toilet. Public toilets are rare so the choice is between pissing outside or damaging one's bladder, for women this is a major problem. Anyone who thinks that the quality of life in India will improve is an idiot, its not possible in theory.

  23. "People in India do not shit and piss outside because they want to. Some people are poor and do not have a toilet. Public toilets are rare so the choice is between pissing outside or damaging one's bladder, for women this is a major problem." WRONG.


  24. AnonymousMay 01, 2016

    @ Anomymous on April28, 2016 - I stand corrected. Weird shit. LOL.


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