Feb 9, 2009

Polish Geologist Piotr Stanczak Beheaded by Taliban in Pakistan

Ishtiaq Mahsud and Vanessa Gera, Associated Press Writers had a report out that provided that Polish Geologist with engineering firm Geofizyka Krakow, Piotr Stanczak was beheaded by a Taliban group in Pakistan.

Their report also provided that Justice Minister Andrzej Czuma told all-news Polish station TVN24 that members of the group behind Piotr Stanczak's kidnapping enjoy the favor of some Pakistani officials.

"A lot of people among Pakistan's authorities sympathize with these bandits," Andrzej Czuma said.

"It is a Taliban group," he added. "I can't reveal names now because they are still covered by a secrecy clause. But Polish intelligence — I have access to this material — to an astonishing degree has described the leadership of the group, their relatives, where they are located, their friends in Pakistani government structures."

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