Feb 19, 2013

Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple links up with Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland

Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple's Sandwich Project

Children prepare sandwiches for Salvation Army of Cleveland

Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple has linked up with the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland.  The Hindu temple in Parma has initiated a Sandwich Project.  On the first Sunday of each month, Hindu devotees of the temple prepare peanut butter sandwiches for the hungry and homeless which get distributed by the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland.

The Salvation Army is a religious and social service organization, a branch of the Christian church dedicated to the never-ending battle against the twin enemies of sin and despair. It is a holistic ministry to body, mind and soul. The Salvation Army seeks to improve the physical environment, provide for material needs and lead people to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland, Ohio is dedicated to the men, women, and children it serves. Covering the greater Cleveland area, it works everyday to elevate individuals up from despair to provide hope and assistance.  In teaching life skills, the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland, Ohio provides individuals with an opportunity to maximize their physical, emotional and spiritual being to effect permanent change.

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland
2507 E. 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44115  (map)
Phone: (216) 861-8185  |  fax: (216) 928-6006  |  web: www.SalvationArmyCleveland.org

Major Lurlene-Kay M. Johnson

Divisional Secretary & Area Coordinator of Greater Cleveland
Phone: (216) 861-8185  |   fax: (216) 861-1463 
 |  email: Lurlene.Johnson@use.SalvationArmy.org

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