Mar 28, 2015

To Jehovah's Witness of Cleveland, Ohio

To the Jehovah's Witness of Cleveland, Ohio:

You guys (a gal and a guy) visit my home every three months. You politely ring the doorbell. I look through the front door peephole and wonder if I should open the door or not. From your last visits, I know that you guys are polite and trying to spread your message about Christianity or trying to convert non-Christians like myself to Christianity. You even speak an Indian language.

Out of respect to you and for the purpose of not being impolite, I open the door. You hand me a booklet about Christianity and show me a video. I politely accept the booklet and watch your video. Then you guys leave with a plan to revisit after about 3 months. I am kinda okay with hearing you out but..............Okay, I will hear you out again.

I am never going to convert to Christianity. I was born a Hindu and I will die a Hindu. As a Hindu, I like my religion with its good and flaws. If I was born a Christian, I would remain a Christian. I know about Christianity and I respect the good aspects of the philosophy.  I like the teachings of Jesus Christ.  You may not know this but a few Hindus I know pray at churches with their Christian friends.  Its not rare for Hindus to put up a Christmas tree in their homes.  I respect you both. However, the booklet does go into trash rather promptly because you bring a glass of water to Lake Erie.  Try again and better, my friends.  

We Hindus do not proselytize.  We respect the right of other people to follow their faith.  We like to learn from other religions.  Do not take my politeness as agreement with your message. I am not getting influenced by the marketing through booklet or the video, at all, at all.

Some Hindus convert to other religions.

1. During the Muslim rule in India, poor Hindus may have converted to Islam because of poverty and oppression.
2. Poor Hindus may have converted to Christianity because of poverty and to obtain the help offered by Christian missionaries.
3. Rich Hindus convert to Christianity in our country for political reasons. Example: Governor of Louisiana.