Jan 21, 2008

Murder of Sejal Patel of Twinsburg, Ohio

City of Twinsburg, Ohio
City of Twinsburg Government Center
 Judge Brenda Burnham Unruh sentenced Chetan Patel to 30 years to life and his mother, Minaxi, to 25 years to life in prison.

The two were found guilty last week of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse in the murder of Sejal Patel, 28, in July 2005. Sejal Patel was a resident of Pinebark Place, a suburb on the southeast of Cleveland, Ohio.

Judge Unruh said, "She was important, she was valuable, she was a human being. She wasn't treated as any of these things" Read more at The Plain Dealer.
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What I have been told by a Patel friend, that the tug of war between a mother in law and the daughter in law in the Patel community is not uncommon and sometimes can reach a disturbing level.

I suppose its likely that if Sejal Patel was victimized in India, the perpetrators would have escaped the consequences. For Sejal Patel, the American justice system worked.

I think, probably, the origin of these types of problems can be traced back to how Patel, Gujrati and the desi society is structed in India. I think the odds are that my Patel friend will say that there definitely are more Sajel Patels and people like her tormentors in the Patel society in India.

Bhagwan Sejal Ki Atma Ko Shanti Pradhan Kare


Prajan said...

Unfortunately thats true, there are far too many Sejal Patels waiting to happen both in India & outside India. How do we help?

Anonymous said...

It is very common in India for men to marry young women for the dowry and then kill them. Sejal's parents gave her husband 120,000 and he offered other Indian men money to kill his wife Why would he want to kill his wife when she gave him two sons that are now in foster care while he sits in prison for 30 years? I would say
Never let him out of prison. Even if he did not do the killing, let him suffer for the many,many times he beat his wife How does it feel to be beat in the head when ypu are trying to eat dinner?