May 1, 2008

Telugu Association of Greater Cleveland

Telugu Association of Greater Cleveland
Northeast Ohio Telugu Association of Cleveland
 Murthy wrote on April 13, 2008 at;

We Telugus have a problem staying united. First there emerged this vast division in the castes (thanks to our late CM, NTR) and now the Telanga issue, where an ex-minister called K. Chandrashekar Rao (referred to as ‘KCR’) who was kicked out of Chandra Babu Naidu’s cabinet on corruption charges, suddenly realizes that the government of AP has been neglecting ten North Western districts in AP and decided to call for separate state! The guy had done enough damage to the peace of the state and is continuing to do so.

Politics at home aside, now, what’s happening in the city of Cleveland? Thankfully, it’s not about caste or region (or is it? Hope not!).

Apparently some friction has developed between the ‘original founders’ of the Telugu Association. Though the reasons are not very clear, the email war that went on between these founders clearly shows that it was war for control and a war of egos. What’s the result? A split!

Now, I'm not sure if there are two associations or more than two. However, there are at least three websites that I know of.

1. Telugu Association of Greater Cleveland, Ohio
2. Telugu Association of Greater Cleveland
3. North East Ohio Telugu Association

Each of these Telugu Associations has a copy of the members list and their email addresses. Each of these associations is sending emails and asking members to RSVP to their cultural activities and also pay their yearly membership dues!

Here’s a thing the founders and organizers and the active members should understand - Not all Telugu speaking people living in this area want to be part of the association and the turn-out in most of the previous cultural programs organized by the association has been low. If you want to generate interest and improve the participation then, set aside your petty quarrels and please not turn this into a bigger joke than it is!!

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Sahadev said...

Please note that only "North East Ohio Telugu Association" website is active. This is the only Telugu Association in Ohio. Thanks for your kind attention.
- Sahadev

Anonymous said...

Huh, that is not theoretically possible. There are many known and unknown Telugu associations in Ohio.