Oct 2, 2008

Cleveland Federation of Indian Community Associations

Recently, I read an article that was critical about the works of Federation of Indian Community Associations (FICA), Cleveland. The metaphor splitting hairs or in Hindi baal ki khaal nikalna came to mind after reading this article
  • The article implied that the election of Chief Trustee of Federation of Indian Community Associations (FICA), Cleveland, Dr. Chitranjan Jain was illegitimate because he was not elected. So?

  • I didn't realize that this organization has a 20 member board of trustees. The article also indicated that at times, several of these 20 do not show up for meetings. I will leave it up to my blog visitors to figure out the potential reasons for this.

  • There was a suggestion that FICA should follow the path set by BAPS Swaminarayan Temple. I hope folks realize that these organizations are like square and round pegs. Another metaphor, akhal se nakal karo, comes to mind.
Doing volunteer work for desi community is thankless work and one has to wonder if it even has intangible rewards. Folks who do this go unappreciated, on the other hand, they are targeted by criticism and spin. Desis hardly come together as a community whether its an election or FICA or Telugu Association of Greater Cleveland.

Source: India International

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