Jul 29, 2011

Asian Indians Students Drawn To Unaccredited American Universities

University of Northern Virginia

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Raids University of Northern Virginia

Tri Valley University Part2 is University of Northern Virginia and a large number of students are from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  About 2,400 students of which 90 per cent are from India, are registered at three locations of University of Northern Virginia. Jackie Bensen writes
The school is not closed, and students can attend class.  Foreign-born students at the campus Thursday said they have attended classes in the building and earned degrees from the school. One said the school helps students get their student visas.  The University of Northern Virginia is an unaccredited, for-profit private university that calls itself the most popular American university for students from India. Thousands of students are registered at three locations in northern Virginia.  If the investigation discovers the school improperly handled student visas, the school could face severe penalties.

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