Aug 1, 2011

Kyle Sandilands is not wrong about India being a shithole

Dr. Yadu Singh is the President of Council of Indian Australians.  Dr Yadu Singh is a cardiologist and lives in Sydney, Australia.  Yadu Singh writes that Kyle Sandilands of 2Day FM should be ashamed for making comments against India and River GangesAccording to a report by a local ethnic TV programme 'Desi Kangaroos', Kyle Sandilands said "I like Indians but India is a shit hole and I think that Indians know it is a shit hole" and went further to describe River Ganga as a 'junkyard'.

Yadu Singh states that:
They are hurtful, unnecessary and objectionable to Indian Australians, to whom India will always have a special place. Unlike Kyle, we do not believe India is a “shit hole”. River Ganges, which Kyle is ridiculing outrageously, is accepted as a sacred river by the followers of the Hindu religion. His comments are getting into the realm of religious beliefs of Hindus and he seems to be questioning them. 
Dr. Yadu Singh is making a mountain out of a molehill.  Kyle Sandilands comments are not wrong about India in the applicable context.  Kyle Sandilands's comments should not be taken literally.  He may be guilty of being abrasive, so what?  Are Hindus now going to become sensitive and schizophrenic like Muslims?  The fact is that many cities of India are not clean and all Indians know this.  River Ganges is very polluted and is almost a sewer.  River Ganges is polluted because all kinds of junk is dumped in it.  If Yadu Singh or Indians have complaints, they should probably take it up with the Indian Prime Minister.  

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