Apr 11, 2012

Talk for Asian Indian Women of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Association of Asian Indian Women is a Cleveland area organization which attempts to reach out to Asian Indian Women be it at home or in the professional world.  Association of Asian Indian Women has scheduled a event with Anisha Durve, the author of "The Power to Break Free: Surviving Domestic Violence, with a special reference to Abuse in Indian Marriages" on April 22, 2012 at Solon Community Center (440)349-4930. 

Anita Durve is the founder and CEO of the Power to Break Free Foundation and will discuss
  • Stereotypes of the ideal Asian Indian female
  • Four aspects of the Asian Indian female identity and theme of sacrifice
  • Gender equality patterns in raising Asian Indian boys and Asian Indian girls
  • The business of matchmaking for arranged, introduced and love marriages
  • Cultural taboos of divorce
  • Dynamics and nuances of abuse within Asian Indian population
  • Domestic violence movement within the larger South Asian Indian community
  • Prevention of abuse and how to protect young Indian girls. 

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