Jul 29, 2013

Om Heidi Klum Om

Heidi Klum
Om Heidi Om
Can't tell if the couple in this picture are 40 year old mother of 4 children, Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen.  There is an Om tattoo on the fellow's back.  Indian gifted yoga to the world, the world made yoga pants out of this gift.  Now, with the yoga craze at its peak in our country, it is timely for young Asian Indians to consider sporting an Om tattoo.  Any thoughts anyone? 

Here is one more reason to go for an Om tattoo.  
Rajan Zed pointed out that it was important for Hindu identity, deepened the spiritual dimension in daily life and would help in preservation of our culture worldwide. It would exhibit that you were trying to live by your spiritual traditions.  Zed argued that a simple “Om” necklace chain or lapel pin did not cost much and urged all Hindus to give a gift on next Diwali (November 13) of wearable “Om” necklace or lapel pin to friends who did not wear one. Hindu charities worldwide would be able to distribute free “Om” necklaces and lapel pins to individuals who thought they could not afford one.  Many Hindus already sported the “Om” symbol; Rajan Zed said and hoped that the rest of the Hindu devotees would adopt this practice immediately as a reminder and expression of their faith

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