Dec 24, 2007

The Old Cleveland Desi Doctor Fart

I run into this old desi doctor fart at a Cleveland desi community event location that I would rather not mention, who identified himself as a orthopedic surgeon. One would think that this condescending gandu would become a bit wiser with age and maybe the education required to become a surgeon.

One potential explanation is that he probably still carries the feudal attitude prevalent in India. An another potential reason might be that this desi surgeon asshole made a few dollars doing what he does and since then shoves his head up his own rectum and smells flowers.

Thats the end of this rant.


....R.A.J.A.... said...

"An another potential ....." should be "Another potential ....". Btw, what did he say/do?

Cleveland Desi said...

Raja Indrajit, you ask what did the surgeon say?

Gu gobar se bola, "tere paas se badboo aarahi hai".