Jan 15, 2008

Sree Venkateshwara Temple of Cleveland

Representing the proposed Sree Venkateshwara Temple of Cleveland at some meetings in Richfield are Nanja Sundaram, Laks Benkatraman, Ramakrishna Bandi, MD and Jagdish Medarametla.

Richfield Village residents are opposed to the construction of the Hindu Sree Venkateswara Temple, which is being built in their neighborhood.

The residents’ attorney, Leland D. Cole, filed an administrative appeal in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas on Dec. 20, 2007 and Judge Patricia Cosgrove is scheduled to hear the case.

A group called “Concerned Richfield Homeowners” an Unincorporated Associated, is listed as the plaintiff in the court appeal, along with the following individual members: Brush Road residents Jim Voltz, Bob and Rosemary Lassiter, Brad and Beth Newcomb and Don and Sally Lane; Townsend Road residents Joe Stefanini and the Primosch family; and Brecksville Road resident David Hutton.

“I don’t dislike Indian people or their culture,” Larry Primosch is reported as saying. “This is just the wrong place for it. The application doesn’t meet four of the seven standards for a conditional use nor one of the five standards for a church.”

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