Dec 30, 2009

ND Tiwari, Indian Governor is a hero - Foursome at 86

ND Tiwari, 86, single, having consensual sex with three beautiful women

Narayan Dutt Tiwari, the 86 year old, single (his wife had died), a senior leader of Congress party official was forced to resign after a television news channel broadcast footage allegedly showing him in bed with three young women. 

According to ABN Andhra Jyothy, one Radhika, had approached Governor ND Tiwari’s aide Aryandra Sharma, seeking allotment of a mine.  The report alleged that she had “supplied” some women to the ND Tiwari, at the instance of Aryandra Sharma.  However, Radhika she did not get the expected favour from ND Tiwari  Radhika then contacted Andhra Jyothy.  

Vemuri Radhakrishna, managing director of ABN channel and Andhra Jyothy, defended the footage and said that the report was aired after verification and cross checking and editing more graphic parts of the foursome.

It appears that ND Tiwari was having consensual sex. He may have even protected the interests of the people of Andhra Pradesh by being less than helpful with the mine allotment.

Even Sonia Madam might understand a threesome but foursome; ND Tiwari, you lucky bastard, you went out with bang, bang, bang. 

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