Oct 13, 2013

Cleveland Asians and Ohio Asians - A Profile

Asian Population in Cleveland, Ohio 2010

Asian Indians are the largest population of immigrants followed by Chinese and Filipono in Cleveland, Ohio.   Here are the counts:

Asian Indian 20,733
Chinese (exceptTaiwanese) 14,768
Filipino 8,215
Korean 5,336
Vietnamese 4,082
Japanese 3,474
Pakistani 1,117
Burmese 899
Thai 880
Cambodian 842
Asians in Cleveland, Ohio

Demographics of Asians in Cleveland and Asians in Ohio

No other racial group in the Midwest is proportionally more immigrant than Asians, with
more than half of Asians born outside of the UnitedStates

64% of Asians in Cleveland Combined Statistical Area (CSA) are foreign-born.

28% of Asians in Cleveland CSA are limited English proficient: Chinese (42%), Vietnamese (41%), and Korean (27%) Americans have the highest rate.

In 2007, Asian in Ohio owned over 18,000 businesses. Businesses are most concentrated in three industries:
  • healthcare and social assistance,
  • accommodation and food services, and 
  • professional, scientific, and technical services.
From 2007 to 2010, the number of unemployed Asians in Ohio grew by 350%, an increase
significantly higher than any other racial group in the state

59% of Asian Americans 25 years and older in the Cleveland CSA, between 2006 and 2010, held a bachelor’s degree or higher

During the 2010-2011 school year, Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hmong, and Korean were the top 5 languages spoken by K-12 English language learner students in the Cleveland, Ohio.

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