Jul 2, 2015

Asian Indians Marrying White Americans-Yea or Nay

Quotes: Asian Indian Men and Women marrying American Men and Women

"American women are like American cars, they are comfortable but not reliable" - An Asian Indian man with a doctoral degree.
"Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends." – Davide Serra, Italian hedge fund manager
"My wife is American but she has been very good to me". - An Asian Indian man
"American women are good for ^ucking not marrying" - One Asian Indian opinion

Asian Indian guy marrying white gal in India
During a visit to UCLA campus area, I saw a desi gal, likely from Southern India, canoodling at a Chipotle Mexican Grill with an caucasian dude.  As I stood in the long line for ordering food, I wondered if this could result in a long term dating, marriage, marriage that would end in a divorce, a one night stand (this desi gal can't be that dumb, right?) etc. 

Recently, its observed that young Asian Indian men and women and children of Asian Indian immigrants have been marrying caucasians.  I knew an Asian Indian feller who married a black woman and it was a little awkward experience socializing with them, for everyone.

For us Asian Indians, white skin color, blonde hair and blue eyes has a special allure.  This is why one sees caucasian background dancers in Bollywood movies and caucasian cheerleaders in IPL cricket matches.  They make better eye candy (Jalebi) than Indian women for Indian men, is this the sentiment in the sewer of Bollywood/cricket entertainment?  For some, the eye candies may appear better than the main female character in Bollywood songs!     

Indian and American cultures are different.  Their histories are different.  This makes things complicated for the purpose of marriage.  Indians are collectivistic/pseudo collectivistic and Americans are individualistic.  This means, in general, Asian Indians and Americans value different things in life and does not mean that one way is better than the other.  From the standpoint of Asian Indian parents, one point of concern would be that their white daughter in law in all likelihood won't be a virgin.  In some cases, the marriage ceremony is conducted twice, once in a church and once in a hindu temple.  In some cases, the ceremony occurs in India.  The important seems to be what happens when the honeymoon stage is over and love has plateaued?

Bobby Jindal changed his name and religion but did not marry a white woman.  This governor aint stupid, I tell you.  The sweet Governor Nikki Haley changed her religion and married a caucasian man.  I seen well heeled Asian Indian physicians marrying white women or is it white women marrying well heeled Asian Indian doctors?


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