Feb 18, 2008

Observed At Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple

So there I was sitting in the passenger lounge at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, waiting for the passenger boarding announcement. There was an another flight to India about to board from a nearby gate. As soon as the chick made the announcement for pre-boarding, all desis jumped up from their seats and headed towards the gate like bees chasing a very hot girl who dared to mess with their beehive.

Similar behavior is often seem at the Greater Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple in Parma, Ohio. As soon as the aarti bhajan is over, desis make a dash to the north side of the temple to be among the first in the line for the aarti. I suppose some are eager to get to the food at the lower level and then head home and watch TV and some do it out of instinct.

Bandar kitna bhi boodha ho jai, kulati marna nahi bhoolta.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you never travelled in any other airlines. I was travelling with a 2 year old son in Lufthansa from O'Hare and noticed the same pattern with Americans. What's worse is they did not even show a tiny bit of mercy that I was holding a 2 year old and some lugguage.

I agree, we over do it a little bit, but, for the most part there is no difference. I did find that we desis are very helpful when it comes to women. Guess it's inherent in our characters.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comment - I guess you only travel with the desis for your doubtful observations that you post as "facts". Any other community does the same thing. And white ppl often are more "hungry" or "eager" for free food....see the lines at pizza stores when they announce free pizza. You'll hardly find any desis there. So such derrogatory comments are nt appreciated. Well only an Indian can demean an Indian- I guess that nature is observed only on ur blog. I hope you do post my comment.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous comment dated August 22, 2011:

White people are often more hungry or eager for food, therefore its okay for Indians to be anxious about food at the Shiva Vishnu temple.

Some white people wear revealing clothes, therefore its okay for some Indians to inadvertently show their butt crack (men and women) in the Patel hall. Right?

Anonymous said...

Why do we pepole have this bad habit of comparing with others.If something is wrong it is wrong. The person who posted this blog is not comparing he is stating the fact. Temple is a place where you go to pray not to win gold medal to see who does the arti first or eats first.
Instead of saying yes we should correct the problem we are arguing on other are doing it so it is ok for us do it. Always do the right thing don't follow the wrong. Please if you are proud to be a desi correct your mistakes and show the world we indeed are the best. I am one and I love to correct my mistake. Jai Hind