Mar 13, 2012

Cleveland Museum of Art Invites The Man With Celestial Voice

Govindam Gokula-nandam, Gopalam Gopi-ballavam,
Govardhano-udharam Dheeram, Tham vande Gomathi priyam.
[Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay]
Narayanam nirakaram, Nara veeram Narothamam,
Narasimham, Naga-natham, Tham vande nara-kanthakam.
[Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay]
Peethambaram, Padmanabham, Padama-ksham,
Purushothamam, Pavithram, Paramanandam, Tham vande Parameshwaram.
[Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay] Raghavam,
Rama-chandram cha, Ravan-arim cha, Rama-pathim,
Rajeeva-lochanam Ramam, Tham Vande Raghu Nandanam.
[Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay] Yogeeswaram yagna-pathim,
Yasodananda dayakam, Yamuna jala sachayam, Tham vande yadu-nayagam.
[Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay]
Vamanam, Viswaroopam cha, Vasudevam, cha Vittalam, Visweswaram Vibhum Vyasam, Tham vande Veda Vallabham.

While the masses of Asian Indians are satisified with listening to the infinitely inferior crap that Bollywood fartists calls art and music, our Cleveland Museum of Art has invited Pandit Jasraj to perform at Gartner Auditorium.  Further, while renowned instrumentalists such Pandit Ravi Shankar have brought the gift of Indian classical music to the world through their chosen instrument the sitar, Pandit Jasraj has done it through the gift of nature, his voice. He is one of India’s most celebrated cultural ambassadors to the world. Blessed with a soulful and sonorous voice, which traverses masterfully over all four and a half octaves, Jasraj’s vocalizing is characterized by a harmonious blend of the classic and opulent elements projecting traditional music as an intense spiritual expression, at once chaste and sensuous. This gives his music a unique and sublime emotional quality, reaching out to the very soul of the listener.

In his Cleveland appearance he will be accompanied by a five-member ensemble of accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists.  These programs made possible in part by the Ernest L. and Louise M. Gartner Fund, the P. J. McMyler Musical Endowment Fund, and the Anton and Rose Zverina Music Fund. Additional support provided by the Robert D. Hill Foundation.